Causes of Vaginal Odor

Natural Douche

A new, FDA-cleared, all-natural douching alternative is now being recommended by OB/Gyns as a safe and effective way to remove odor with or without associated discharge.

The product, called WaterWorks, was developed by a woman-owned company, Abbott Research Group, Inc., in conjunction with prominent OB/Gyns to provide women with a more effective home-treatment for vaginal odor.

WaterWorks uses stainless steel with running water (a recognized method of eliminating the volatile sulfur compounds that cause odor) to naturally eliminate vaginal odor. The product is proven through six years of research, including a peer-reviewed, published clinical trial that concluded that, “The WaterWorks Douching Device was superior to over-the-counter devices in reducing vaginal odor.”

Unlike other store-bought douches, WaterWorks doesn’t just mask odors and it does not upset the delicate balance of the vaginal ecosystem. The same study, published in the January 2011 issue of the Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease mentions that women using the WaterWorks device, “reported significant reduction of vaginal odor after douching with water for 4 weeks without any alteration of vaginal flora.”

Additionally, the device provides a gentle downward flow of regular tap water, so bacteria and chemicals are not forced upward as is the case with traditional high-pressure, plastic douches which are filled with potentially-harmful chemicals. It can be used every time you shower without causing any adverse effects.

In fact, by using WaterWorks, a healthy balance can be created as abnormal discharge and bacteria are removed, allowing normal vaginal pH to be restored.